Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diary Entries for April 7 to April 13, 2008

Here are this weeks entries:

NOTE: All readings taken prior to meal, unless noted

Monday, April 7:
6:40 am, 123

Tuesday, April 8:
6:39 am, 119
5:58 pm, 113

Wednesday, April 9:
7:10 am, 123

Note: I did 15 minutes of air rower before bed. This may have caused me to not sleep well that night.

Thursday, April 10:
7:28 am, 143 (after taking pills and drinking 16 oz. of fat-free milk) (before BK)
12:04 pm, 106

NOTE: I did 25 minutes of Air Rower this morning.

Friday, April 11:
6:32 am, 122
11:58 am, 111
5:53 pm, 106

Saturday, April 12:
7:49 am, 122

NOTE: Saturday was busy running errands trying to get my supplies for the vineyard dripline system.

Sunday, April 13:
7:43 am, 130

NOTE: I worked in the yard for 2-3 hours doing pruning work.

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