Monday, June 30, 2008

The Power of Prayer

This I can say - during the entire time I was in the hospital and the time I spent at my mom's afterwards, I got a warm feeling of friends keeping me in their prayers. During my stay in the hospital, I actually talked with my dad, who had passed away 8 years ago, ir should I say he talked to me. He told me to not slack off and to commit to the changes that I said I would do.

Even this morning aroudn 5 am, I heard his voice in my head telling me to get up and go walking.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have most of my energy back

This morning I have gained most of my energy back. I was still a little drained yesterday morning. I felt as if someone was pressing down on my shoulders.

I went with my sister and her family to the Airshow at Huntsville International Airport. It was hot but windy. I did drink a lot of water, but also did get a little light-headed or dizzy at times. I can feel the blood thinner changing the way the blood pressure medicine works.

This morning I started taking my sugar pill again. I will do a reading tonight before dinner and then at bedtime. Tomorrow mornings starts 30-40 minutes of walking before work and then hopefully this week I can meet with the dietitian to plan out an 1800 calorie menu. Its not so bad to spend $100 or so to get this done. Once I can figure out how to make a simple, consistent, and low-cost, yet, healthy 1800-calorie menu, then I can work it out from there.

I will write the menu up here when I have it.

For the next few hours, I will hang out here at my mom's place and then, after the soccer game get driven by my mom back to the office in Cullman, so I can get my car. It has been sitting there since Wednesday early afternoon.

More updates coming ............


Friday, June 27, 2008

A Life-Changing Event

Here is another life-changing event, but on a more serious note:

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008, My day started off normal like other days. I had a good breakfast and a good sugar reading. Went to work at 6:30 am and then started working on projects. At 12 noon I started my lunch period, first going over to Sweet Peppers to get half of my lunch. As I was finishing my lunch around 1:20 pm, I noticed a burning sensation in my left wrist. Over the next few minutes this sensation moved from the wrist up to my elbow. When it started going to the shoulder I got concerned. I got up and left the office, telling the secretary that I was not feeling well, or something like that. As I got outside and started walking to my car, I felt bouts of light-headedness and slight nauscua. About 5 minutes later I made it to my car. I unlocked the car door and opened it, letting hot air get out. While that was happening I leaned against the car, trying to catch my breath. Then I sat in the car and tried to match my breath. I then drove to Cullman Family Practice and immediately upon entering, told the receptionist what happened and then explaining it again to another nurse.

A few minutes later, the nurse called me back. The Doctor that would see me is Dr. Coccis. He asks me what my symptoms were. I give him all the details and he then does a few basic tests, like listening to the heart and lungs. He then orders an EKG. A few minutes after the EKG is done, Dr. Coccis comes back and gives me the results. He says the EKG was not good and not bad. In other words, abnormal. He then recommends me to stay overnight at Cullman Regional Medical Center (CRMC) to have more tests done and keep me under observation. So now I get my boss to drive me over there, once I drive back to the office.

Once at CRMC, after I am checked in and in my room, the nurses and assistants immediately prep my right arm for an IV for later and then go about getting me ready for my first, of many, blood draws. Once I get settled in on the bed, the nurses and assistants hook me up to en EKG. They then tell me that an EKG will be done every 3 to 3 1/2 hours, with the last one around 11 or 11:30 pm. My boss stays until about 4:30 pm, and a little while later my mom arrives. She stayed until nightfall and then went home. That evening, they also do a cat scan of my head, to make sure I did not have a mini stroke.

Needless to say, I watched a little TV for the evening, until Jock came back and brought me a magazine. Every hour I either had a blood sample done, or my sugar was checked, or my blood pressure was checked. But I was kept in excellent care constantly. The last test completed by midnight, I read another 2 hours before falling asleep for some deep sleep, until 4:30 am. At that time, another blood draw was done. I was told it was the last one.

I continued to nap afterwards until about 7 am, when my sugar was tested and an update done. Breakfast was at 8 am, which tasted better than dinner the night before. I only ate half the meal. Around 8:30 to 9 am another nurse came in and prepped me for the echo-cardiogram of the heart and the ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the neck. This procedure lasted about 45 minutes.

Afterwards the assistant to Dr. Varquez arrived and sat down to talk with me. She asked me how I was feeling and then started to ask me what my symptoms were. After explaining to her what started Wednesday after lunch, she then explained to me that it was called an "angina"
She then stated to me that Dr. Varquez has, based on my family history and the symptoms that I already have, requested an angiogram be done to make sure that none of the blood vessels surrounding the heart are blocked.

So around 1 pm I was taken to a lower room to have the procedure done. At the end of the procedure, I was told by Dr. Varquez that all the arteries were clear. I was relieved.

I was sent back to my room to stay flat on my back for 3-4 hours and waited on the Dr. Schendle to come in and start the discharge process. Around 8:45 pm, I was discharged.

Now, in addition to the blood pressure medicine and sugar medicine I am taking, I have to take a baby asperin each day, a blood thinner and also some medication to lower my cholesterol.

This coming week, I will be meeting with my Dietician to work out an 1800 calorie diet given with the items I cannot eat due to my diabetes. I need the dietician's help for this, as I cannot work out a menu myself.

In 1-2 weeks I go to my doctor, Dr. Bostick, for a follow-up visit. Also, in 4-6 weeks I go to see Dr. Varquez for a follow-up visit. By that time, she will explain to me the results from the echocardiogram and the ultra-sounds of the carotid arteries.

Yes, this is a life-changing event. Was I scared? Yes. Was I nervous? Yes. Was I worried? Yes.

But now, knowing some of the results, a sense of calm is falling over me now. I know now what I have to do for the rest of my life to change. Heart disease can be reversed. It is up to me to change.

There is not enough thanks I can give you for listening, caring, praying about me during these past few days. I am indebted to you always and am for ever grateful.

I ask you to leave comments and well wishes on this blog post. If you want to send me a card, my mailing address is:

Dirk Baeuerle
835 County Road 684
Holly Pond, AL 35083

Thanks for caring and listening to my story. A life-changing event.

Now stay with me for the changes to come.

Until then ..............

God Bless,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Changes need to be made

I have noticed that I have gained weight back over the last few weeks.

Therefore, my menu is changing.

I have to get strict again about what I eat and how much and also how much exercise I get.

I was doing so good back when I did control those items, so I am back to the drawingboard on those items.

Stay tuned ...........

Official Readings

This morning I went to the Doctor's Office to find out my official A1c readings and weight reading.

Officially, since Dec. 6, 2007,

Weight = 312 (up 2 lbs)

Ac1 = 5.8% w/ a sugar reading of 120 at time of test

Back on Dec. 6, 2007 the sugar was 372, so you can see how much I got it under control.

Also, I asked my Doctor about the ranges the sugar needs to be in.

Pre-Breakfast = between 100 and 120

Post meal = between 150-175, although lower is also ok. But no lower than 100.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Diary for 6-23-08

Well, this morning after sleeping only 5.5 hours, due to watchign a very interesting documentary on Discovery Channel, I checked my sugar after taking a shower and getting dressed. Then I made my breakfast and lunch and left for work.

Had a coffee this morning to try to wake up.

Did not have a rush day this morning at work. Got me a small salad t o have with my lunch that I brought. Good Lunch.

Mid-Afternoon had a snack and a coffee.

Tonight have to drop off an item at Walmart, before heading home to take sugar reading and then have dinner.

Food Intake for today:
Breakfast =
1.5 cups honey-toasted cheerios w/ 1/2 cup fresh blackberries and 1 cup fat-free milk
8 oz of water to take my medication
16 oz. decaf cafe latte w/ whole milk and whipped cream (had this at work this morning)

Lunch =
1.5 cups salad mix with thousand island dressing and 2 small butter crackers
1 cup steamed squash and steamed zucchini slices
1.5 cups homemade stir-fry
16 oz. water

Mid-Afternoon Snack =
grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat
16 oz. ice coffee w/ milk and whipped cream

Dinner (Planned) =
3-4 cups mixed salad greens, bell pepper, tomato, onion slices, vinaigrette
1 glass red wine

Tomorrow I will start again on my rower - Have to get back into it.

Sugar Readings:
Pre BK = 7:00 a.m. / 127
Pre L = 11:27 a.m. / 100

Note: Sugar reading was higher than normal for me this morning because I had a piece of Jack Daniel's Tipsy Cake last night around 11 pm.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update on Readings

Below is a list of readings taken from the last couple of weeks. I am catching on to having lower readings in the mornings and have this happen when I generally eat only salad with a vinegar - oil vinaigrette.

Next week Tuesday Morning (6-24-08) I will meet with Dr. Bostick to go over my blood test results and find out what my first A1c test is, among other tests. I will post those results here when I get them.

For now, though, here are the latest readings, starting with today's:

5:44 am, 114 (before BK)
3:55 pm, 107 (after lunch)
7:16 pm, 99 (before dinner)

7:23 am, 116

5:21 am, 118

5:56 am, 126
Had too much fish the night before for dinner and not enough salad.

6:21 am, 96

6:06 am, 104

7:25 am, 113
7:11 pm, 123

6:32 am, 113
5:00 pm, 104

5:55 am, 102
5:49 pm, 120

5:57 am, 112

7:00 am, 110

5:35 am, 115
5:57 pm, 122

6:07 am, 100
5:22 pm, 111

6:57 am, 103

6:09 am, 105
7:03 pm, 108

6:07 am, 101

6:03 am, 100
6:14 pm, 121

6:45 am, 97
11:54 am, 100
5:00 pm, 137

6:05 am, 111
12:32 pm, 98
4:58 pm, 114

6:29 am, 130
5:31 pm, 96
9:29 pm, 118

6:57 am, 108

7:14 am, 119

6:27 am, 118

7:04 am, 128

6:33 am, 101
12:22 pm, 98
5:29 pm, 103

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Diary posting for 6-3-08

Well, this morning I felt better. The numbness in my toes was a lot less, which tells me my sugar was down low this morning.

So after taking a shower and dressing and after giving the cat her breakfast, I did a sugar test.

It was 97 this morning. Normally it runs between 111 and 130 in the mornings.

Today's breakfast was a sandwich made with = 2 slices whole wheat WASA Crisp Bread, 1 tbsp horseradish sauce, 1 slice roast beef, 2 slices swiss cheese. I also had a pre-bk snack of 2 slices of smoked turkey breast w/ horseradish sauce and 2 slices of roast beef with horseradish sauce. Also for breakfast was 1/2 a kielbasa sausage.

On my way to work this morning I stopped at a local coffee house and got me a hot tea combination made with Jasmine Green Tea and White Tea.

For lunch today I will have a salad w/ water or tea. More on that later.

For dinner a sandwich like this morning but turkey breast instead of roast beef. I will trink unsweet decaf tea.