Monday, June 23, 2008

Diary for 6-23-08

Well, this morning after sleeping only 5.5 hours, due to watchign a very interesting documentary on Discovery Channel, I checked my sugar after taking a shower and getting dressed. Then I made my breakfast and lunch and left for work.

Had a coffee this morning to try to wake up.

Did not have a rush day this morning at work. Got me a small salad t o have with my lunch that I brought. Good Lunch.

Mid-Afternoon had a snack and a coffee.

Tonight have to drop off an item at Walmart, before heading home to take sugar reading and then have dinner.

Food Intake for today:
Breakfast =
1.5 cups honey-toasted cheerios w/ 1/2 cup fresh blackberries and 1 cup fat-free milk
8 oz of water to take my medication
16 oz. decaf cafe latte w/ whole milk and whipped cream (had this at work this morning)

Lunch =
1.5 cups salad mix with thousand island dressing and 2 small butter crackers
1 cup steamed squash and steamed zucchini slices
1.5 cups homemade stir-fry
16 oz. water

Mid-Afternoon Snack =
grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat
16 oz. ice coffee w/ milk and whipped cream

Dinner (Planned) =
3-4 cups mixed salad greens, bell pepper, tomato, onion slices, vinaigrette
1 glass red wine

Tomorrow I will start again on my rower - Have to get back into it.

Sugar Readings:
Pre BK = 7:00 a.m. / 127
Pre L = 11:27 a.m. / 100

Note: Sugar reading was higher than normal for me this morning because I had a piece of Jack Daniel's Tipsy Cake last night around 11 pm.

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