Sunday, June 29, 2008

Have most of my energy back

This morning I have gained most of my energy back. I was still a little drained yesterday morning. I felt as if someone was pressing down on my shoulders.

I went with my sister and her family to the Airshow at Huntsville International Airport. It was hot but windy. I did drink a lot of water, but also did get a little light-headed or dizzy at times. I can feel the blood thinner changing the way the blood pressure medicine works.

This morning I started taking my sugar pill again. I will do a reading tonight before dinner and then at bedtime. Tomorrow mornings starts 30-40 minutes of walking before work and then hopefully this week I can meet with the dietitian to plan out an 1800 calorie menu. Its not so bad to spend $100 or so to get this done. Once I can figure out how to make a simple, consistent, and low-cost, yet, healthy 1800-calorie menu, then I can work it out from there.

I will write the menu up here when I have it.

For the next few hours, I will hang out here at my mom's place and then, after the soccer game get driven by my mom back to the office in Cullman, so I can get my car. It has been sitting there since Wednesday early afternoon.

More updates coming ............


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