Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Step closer ....

Another Step Closer

For the past few weeks, I have wondering why I had those visions or dreams about my health. Was it because of anxiety? Was it because I was scared? I didn’t know.

After last nights dream, I know now why.

Let me describe you my dream I had:

It started out with my being awoken to my dad. Yes, he passed on in 2000, but I saw him again last night. He was in my bedroom and he tapped me on my shoulder and said “Get up son, we have to talk. There are some important things I need to say to you.” So I got up and went with him to the dining room table, where he and I sat. And we talked, or I should say, he talked and I listened.

First off he told me thanks. Thanks for showing him the right way to the light. Secondly he talked about my health. He said that he did want me to die the way he did. He said: “You will change your diet, you will change you’re your fitness level, YOU WILL CHANGE!” I asked him about my two dreams and his response was – “I Put those in your thoughts to show you that if you don’t change, this will happen.” But I said – I had 2 dreams like that, both different. Why?, I asked. “Because you did not listen the first time, I made a second one to show you what would happen if you did not believe me and change.” I promised him right and there, “I will change; I will change my diet, my fitness, my lifestyle.”

Secondly, you were wondereing why you were sent to Holly Pond. I asked Jesus to put you there. I want you there. I knew Wes before you met him. I told him, indirectly, that he will meet a person who needs guidance, spiritual guidance, and that he knew where to direct him to get this spiritual guidance.

I told my dad, when I got to know Wes for the first time, it is as if I new him already. He and I started talking and over a couple of weeks, he started talking about his great Church. He started talking about scriptures and how they reference today’s life with the past. He peeked my curiosity so much I had to go and see. I had to go and get more. My dad said – “That was me wanting you to find this great home. You will, through time, find out why you are there and what your mission is.”

“But now I have to go, my dad said. “I will be with you always, in everything you do. You are never alone, nor will you ever be alone. You have made me proud. I thank you again for showing me the way to the light. I should have reconciled earlier. Thank You, son.”

And then I was awake and new what I had to do. The dreams I had about my health – they were there for a reason. They were a warning. Shape up and change or this will happen to you.

So this morning, I got on my air rower (which I have not used in weeks). And I did my 20 minute exercise. All this week I will do 20 minutes each morning. Next week I will improve to 25 minutes and up and up over the coming weeks to a 45 minute workout. I will not waver on the diet – no junk food PERIOD. I will get my weight down. I will get my sugar in better control. I will get my cholesterol down. I will improve my fitness and health.

I also will continue to go to my new church home. I will open my mind to the Lord. I will let him take control of my life. I am asking for Spiritual Fulfillment. For Spiritual Nourishment.

I will change. I have to. There is no going back. I have seen what can happen if I waiver. I don’t want to go there and don’t intend to. Never again.

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