Monday, August 11, 2008

Visions or Warning?

Last night I had a dream - the dream started with me waking up in a hospital bed at UAB after open-heart surgery. I had a bunch of tubes in me and thru my mouth. I was very groggy. I remembered Jock being there, as well as my mom. I also had Dr. Varquez there. A few minutes later, my neighbor Dave Hassell walks in.

Apparently I had had a heart attack at my house in the middle of the night. I was sent to UAB for surgery.

After Dr. Varquez tells me that she opened 2 blockages and that I am better now, she also told me that I am to stay even more focused on the program.

Once I realize that I am ok, I suddenly wake up.


This was the second time I had a vision of recovering from a heart attack. The first one I had a few weeks ago, but it was different. That one happened while I took a catnap in the car. That vision showed 2 scenarios happening - (1) I cam up from my desk to the front to ask the secretary something and experience chest pains and collapse. The secretary calls 911. (2) This scenario shows me walking into the waiting room of Cullman Family Practice where I again feel chest pains and collapse.

Ever since those visions, I now have my cell phone next to my bed within 6 inch reach from me. I sleep light at night - where I can be in a deep sleep yet I can hear the birds and insects all night chirping.

Is God trying to tell me something here? Is He trying to warn me?

I don't know.

To date, I have had a lot of visions come true.

These are becoming scary.

Any input would help.

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