Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Comments from friends

Comments from friends I got about my recent cardiac event:


Sorry to hear about your health struggles. I want to give you some links you might find helpful, simply because it has helped a lot of people in our family and amongst our friends. Actually, Jennifer is working on becoming a life/nutrition coach because of how this approach changed her life alone.

Links to websites that can help you completely cure heart disease:

http://www. diseaseproof.com

Books worth reading:
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Caldwell B. Esselstyn)
The China Study (T. Colin Campbell)
Eat to Live (Joel Fuhrman)

These resources are so much better than the "traditional" MDs' treatments, which don't actually cure anything and really just slow down the damage to the heart that continues over time. Esselstyn and Fuhrman's plans actually heal the heart, and Esselstyn works at the Cleveland Clinic, which invented the heart bypass, and yet his dietary method is actually the preferred treatment over anything else. Also, Fuhrman has an amazing plan for diabetics that also happens to be very heart healthy and gets people completely well from heart disease.Anyhow, just some thoughts in case you want to research something different from the conventional approach (or simply in addition to it!).

Hope you're feeling better!


What in the world happened? I read this e-mail and have been very concerned about you.

wow young man, watch it !! Listen to your body. Sleep more and sleep healthy. Are you snoring? If so, you don't sleep healthy. Study about that!! Sometimes the heart works too hard when you sleep......anyway don't be crazy with the diet and exersice, do it slow and keep your mind filled with positiv and happy things, eventhough life may not be sooo perfect. Us Germans like to worry about everything and in the end all turns out just fine. Why worry then?
Anyway, hope you have good weekend!
A few other people sent emails telling me they were concerned and keeping me in their prayers.

I feel blessed to have so many friends.

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