Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This morning my sugar was 118, with a reading of 89 yesterday evening before dinner. I am trying to eat mainly salads with no carbs for dinner to see if I can get my sugar down in the mornings.

My weight is still holding at 299.

As for my appointment with my Cardiologist, that is tomorrow afternoon at 1:45 pm. Yesterday at my lunchtime, I gave Cullman Family Practice, who is my primary care doctor group, authorization to send a copy of my medical records to Dr. Varquez's office. Dr Varquez is my cardiologist.

I also asked my mom yesterday about heart disease in the family and she told me that it runs all on my dad's side. Her side has no heart disease. To date, my dad's youngest brother Martin Baeuerle, was the youngest to have a heart attack. My dad started taking meds for hypertension, cholesterol and tryglicerides around 39-40. He died of a heart attack at age 60. I don't know if he had any warning signs as he never spoke openly about his health.

I will do another post tomorrow after the meeting for the update.

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