Friday, July 25, 2008

A Reason for everything

There is a reson I called yesterday's blog "Day 1".

My reason is this: That is the first day I fully understand what my decisions over the past 10 years have done.

Now, my goals are to:

1. Walk briskly every day at least 60 minutes.
2. Eat a healthy menu consisting of: bread, grains, dairy, vegetables, fruit, protein.
3. Lose weight to better my Blood Sugar Control.
4. Lose weight to get my High Blood Pressure down.
5. Eating a healthy menu will also help me to reduce my cholesterol.

But the biggest goal:

Enjoy Life!

So that is why I am writing an article, which I hope will be published in the local Cullman Times. I will also post it here.

I find that by writing down what I eat, how much I walk, what my sugar is, what my blood pressure is - all of these things hold me accountable. But just writing them down on a sheet of paper is not enough. At the beginning I did a daily blog noting these things. Then I strayed away from it.

But now I am committed to going back to doing a daily blog.

By blogging about what I do every day, not only do I hold myself accountable with what is written, but I hold myself accountable by the fact that others can see what I write. And that is what I am after.

In addition, I want others to be aware of their medical conditions and to make the decision to go the doctor and get checked. Don't wait 10 years before something happens to go to the doctor. Don't wait until you have a heart attack or mini-stroke before you go. Go Now!!!!!

Stay tuned.

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