Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 1 for new health & Fitness

Here are the results of the Cardiologists meeting today:

My poor diet 8-10 years ago here where I ate the typical American Diet, finally caught up to me.

She basically stated to me that she sees me as someone who, without diabetes, is a prime candidate for by-pass surgery. That scared me.

So here are her requirements:

Per Requirements of the Cardiologist:

Lose weight NOW!
Watch what you eat and portions!
Keep Dietary Cholesterol less than 200 mg each day.
Walk 1 hour each day briskly!

Why -
I am currently at 299 lbs, officially.
I have a possible problem with sleep apnea (this was back when I was 375). A portion of the heart shows some thickening. This could be a result of sleep apnea. A study will be done at a later time.

I have to get better on my sugar control, try to get the morning number down closer to 100.

I have to get my cholesterol down to less than 100 for the LDL. It currently sits at 148.

Also, when I have insurance for a few months, Dr. Varquez recommended I get an MRI done, to rule out a mini-stroke. She says CAT scans are not that good in detecting mini-strokes and are a general hospital diagnostic test.

Use the TLC Diet for my diet.

That is it.

Next meeting with the cardiologist is in November 2008.

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