Sunday, February 17, 2008

Diary Entries for Feb. 16 & 17

Well, yesterday I was still feeling quite sick, but around the afternoon felt somewhat better. I went out to go walking in the local park and decided to check my sugar. I did not notice that there were a few other people out in the park as well and when I did my sugar check, got reactions such as "Gross!!!" and "Can't you do that at home in private?"
With Diabetes so common now-a-days, I am amazed that these kinds of reactions are still given when someone decides to check their sugar.
I even got this kind of a remark: "If you had taken care of your body when you were  younger, you would not have this problem now."

And these remarks came from a person who also had T2 Diabetes.

My hope is for people to get more aware and become more public about diseases like Diabetes. Only thru knowledge and openly admitting that this is a problem can we better treat Diabetes and find a cure.

Knowledge is Power.

Ignorance is dumbness.

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