Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diary Entry for Feb. 20, 2008

Well, slept a full night last night. Went to bed at 9 pm and got up at 6 am. Started doing exercise again in the mornings with the rower machine. I only did 9 minutes 40 seconds this morning and was out of energy but am working my way up to 30 minutes again. Had a good BG reading and a good breakfast. At lunch today it is planned for me to go walking. Lunch is simple. Dinner will also be simple.

Here is my BG:
6:33 a.m., 97 ****

My menu is:
BK = 1 cup plain toasted oats w/ 1 cup plain 2% Kefir and 1 cup 2% milk, hot tea

L = 1 small can Bumble Bee Tuna Salad w/ Crackers, 1 small container (1/2 cup) Granny Smith Apple Applesauce, 1 container 0% Kefir, hot tea

D = 1 bowl (2 cups) homemade beef stew, containere Kefir, hot tea

Lots of water today and hot tea. Maybe a 5g carb hot cocoa.

I will update tonight on BG readings.

Update in BG:
12:05 p.m., 104
12:57 p.m., 91 (after 30 min walk)
5:43 p.m., 81

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