Monday, February 11, 2008

Diary Entry for Feb. 11, 2008

Well, after a night dealing terrible skunk odor and going thru nausea and a lot of coughing, I am having to wash my clothes again. If I feel better by noon and the clothes are done by then, I may go in to work. 


7:48 a.m., 115

BK = Beef Broth

I will try to eat something later as I am trying to keep stuff down this morning.

7 p.m. Update for this blog:  I did not feel like eating much today. I drank some hot tea, had beef broth twice and had some pot roast in cubes with bbq sauce prior to going into work. I got home around 6 pm, checked my bg and decided to try to make dinner.

BG: 6 p.m., 101

1 packet star kist tuna creations
1 bowl soup
1/4 cup cream cheese
hot tea

Bed will be early tonight, as I did not sleep but not more than 1-2 hours last night. It still smells like skunk, but it is bearable. I hope that the skunks don't have a pow-wow again tonight. As for that problem, I have a person from Critter-Ridder coming tomorrow to investigate if there are skunks under the house. I am hoping that he will find nothing, which would then only cost me $185, but if he finds skunks, then it is and additional $135 per skunk for trapping and removal.


But I still won't move from here. The country has too much to offer for me to leave that easily.

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