Monday, February 11, 2008



They look cute, but oh do they stink.

I went to bed at 9:30 pm and light's out at 10 pm. Woke up, first thinking the skunk aroma was strong in my dreams, but, nooooooooooooooooooo.

IT was strong in the house.

Here it is middle of February and I have the doors and windows open and the fan on trying to get the skunk aroma, or at least the stronger aroma, out of the house so I can sleep. I am sitting here in from of my MAC type this blogger, dressed in jeans, a thick pullover shirt, and a winter jacket, because it is very cold outside.

I have had skunk aromas in the past, but never as strong as this. It is so strong it makes you want to puke. I tried to sleep in the car, but the entire outside is also this, so it begs to question - why have the windows open and fan on, right?

 The life in the country. The cleaner air and simpler life is good for a diabetic who also has high blood pressure, but this is rediculous. 

I went around the house to check for skunks, but did not find any. They probably are having a  skunk pow-wow in the woods. They are probably thinking how strong they have to make it to get me out of the area. I don't know what I did to deserve this??

But, it makes for one long night. Not only am I going to lose precious sleep tonight, but now ALL of my clothes smell after skunk. And I just washed some clothes last night. I don't have $$$ growing out of my hair to afford the water and detergent price that I will be incurring to re-wash my  clothes. Not to mention the funny looks on my co-worker's faces should I come to work with the state my  clothes are in currently.  What a lovely excuse for work tomorrow. At least it is a new pay period for me and won't affect what I get this time.

Slowly I can tell the air getting very slightly better here in the living room. But my bedroom is where my bed is, not the living room.

Oh well, I might have  to sleep in the living room again.

This is ridiculous. If we would have had ac old winter all the way thru, this skunk problem would not be so bad. But, nooooooooooo, we have to have cold, then warm, then cold, then warm.

It is getting colder in the living  room. The air is still skunky, but slowly, and I mean ever-so-slowly, getting to a point where it is not so strong I want to puke. Once that happens I can go to sleep - on the sofa!!!!

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