Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diary Entry for Jan. 29, 2008

Did not sleep well last night. I was too tired. This morning after getting up at 5:45 a.m., I checked my sugar. Too high for the morning. I also know why. When you make a dinner later than scheduled and you don't exercise, then the morning BG is up. I could tell that last night before going to bed. I was tired from a long day at work, ate my dinner later than normal, had a higher than normal BG reading post dinner, and this morning the BG was higher than normal. Now I have to get back on track and schedule. I also have to plan to have $10 in my wallet in case dinner is running late again, so I can grab a bite to eat and keep the sugar down.

Today is a good day for me, as it is payday. I have a lot of bills to pay. But that is life. I guess if you don't have bills and a job, you don't have a life. But onward we must go .....

Menu Planned today:
BK - hot oatmeal, hot green tea

L - same as BK

Updated 1/31/07) D - lettuce w/ grilled shrimp & steamed veggies and salsa. a little cheese. water.

5:51 a.m., 133 (way too high) - result of having eaten dinner too late last night & no exercise

11:55 a.m., 115 (pre-lunch)
5:31 p.m., 111 (pre-dinner)

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