Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exercise Logbook

Here I will be listing every day what I do for exercise.


Date, Machine, Total Time, Distance            

1/21/08, Gazelle,   30 min., 3.5 miles

1/22/08, Gazelle, 15 min., 4.0 miles

1/24/08, Gazelle, 45 min., 3.8 miles

1/24/08, Rower, 30 min, 14.9 miles

1/24/08, Gazelle, 30 min., 1.9 miles


Loren said...

I'm hoping to start water exercises in February, it's really the only thing I can do right now with the knee and back pain I have.

Dirk Baeuerle said...

That is great Loren! Remember, any exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes counts.